10 Ways to Remotely Secure Your Home

Making sure that your home is secure and safe while your family is home is important, but what about when you are away? It is when you are not at home that your residence is the most vulnerable to break-ins. What are some ways that you can remotely secure your home when you are away? We have listed ten of them here.

  1. Neighborhood watch. This is the simple, inexpensive, non-technical way to make sure your home is secure while you are away. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on it for you. You might even provide a trusted neighbor with a key to go in and check on things while you are gone and report in to you while your away.
  2. Hire a security service. Don’t feel that the neighborhood watch system would be quite adequate? You could always hire a professional security service to guard your home while you’re away. Definitely NOT inexpensive, but armed guards patrolling your front and back yards 24 hours a day should keep you feeling secure, no matter where you are.
  3. Phone controlled system. Security systems that are connected to a land line in your home, allow you to control your security system remotely by simply calling the land line phone number associated with your security system.
  4. X-10 wireless system. With a wireless system you can receive much more extensive coverage for a lower price. You can have window and door sensors, heat sensors, and lighting controls for a much lower price than a hard wired system The X-10 system allows you to select an inner circle of personal control managers, so that you can share the security of your home with trusted onsite friends and family as well. This system comes with a key fob remote controller, similar to what you use with your car. A push of the button as you drive away and your home is secure.
  5. Alarm.com This is another wireless security system that can be controlled via your cellphone or over the web. Because it is wireless it can monitor much more than a traditional security system. It can send you updates via a text message or email while you are away. You can even pull up live streaming video from your home surveillance cameras to see for yourself.
  6. ADT Z-Wave technology. ADT’s Z-Wave wireless system allows you to add as many or few of your electronic items to your system as you desire. It’s simplicity comes from its modular setup. All you need to make an electrical appliance part of the system is to plug it into a Z-Wave power module. You can control your whole system from your smart phone or the internet, as well as your own touch screen controller.
  7. Lifeshield. So simple you can install it yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it can be easily disarmed. This wireless system boasts a 3-way backup to protect you from power outages, loss of internet access and loss of phone service. It also comes with multiple controllers so that shutting down or destroying one of those controllers will not disable the system.
  8. Mini surveillance system. These small, do-it-yourself, security systems consist of a small surveillance camera which has connecting ports for additional door and window sensors. The camera can send an alarm and video direct to your cell phone. You can also use your cell phone to change settings on the system from any location.
  9. Schlage Link door locks. Keypad door locks have been around for awhile, but these are a bit different. Schlage Link keypad locks can be locked or unlocked remotely via web access. Codes can also be assigned and reassigned from a remote location via the internet. In addition, household members can be assigned separate codes so that you can monitor who is entering and leaving your home at all times.
  10. Surveillance cameras with DVR recording. These systems are easy to install and use. Cameras can be setup inside and/or outside your home. Their feed is recorded by the DVR and can be accessed via your smart phone. The system can also be setup to send an email to your smart phone for specific events.

From most non-technical to the most high-tech, there are plenty of ways to maintain the security of your home while you are not at home. You just need to pick the option that best suits your needs and your budget.

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