10 Ways Your Neighbors Can Help Secure Your Home

If you haven’t installed an electronic home security system, you may want to employ this old fashioned home security system. It’s called neighbors.

You know, those people who live in the houses around yours. If you have never met those neighbors, then, this might not be a wise choice. But if you have at least one neighbor, that you can trust. You may ask them to help provide some security to your home while you are going to gone for an extended period. As an exchange, you might offer to do the same for them in the future.

  1. Neighborhood Watch Program. If there is an organized Neighborhood Watch Program in your area. Let the other members know when you will be away from your home. They have already been trained to be on alert and may have regular patrols setup that can now add your house as a special point of interest during the time you are away.
  2. Stranger Alert. Simply being on the watch for any unusual presences in the neighborhood can be a good first step. A car that continues to circle the block or unknown persons walking the sidewalks, could be signs of mischief.
  3. Newspaper buildup. Have a neighbor collect your newspaper each day so you don’t have this tell-tale sign advertising the fact that you are away.
  4. Keep the lawn mowed. This is another way a neighbor can help keep your absence from being detected. An unkept lawn is another clue that burglars look for when they scout neighborhoods for empty homes. Perhaps they’ll do an exchange, and you can take care of their lawn for them during a similar situation.
  5. Pet care. Ask a neighbor to stop by and feed your pets while you are gone. It will provide daily activity in the home. If there is anything seriously amiss, they would be likely to notice it during their visits.
  6. House checks. Asking a neighbor to simply do a daily walk through of your house each evening is a great security measure. Not only will lights be seen turned on and off throughout your home, they can also check for other issues, like a freezer that’s defrosted or water leaks.
  7. House sitting. You might invite a neighbor who lives in an apartment, or one who shares a home with a roommate, to house sit for you while you’re gone. As long they are a trust friend, you will have your own onsite security guard.
  8. Nosy Nancy. If you have one of those neighbors who is always looking out her windows to see what everyone else is doing, this is the perfect opportunity to put this busybody to good use. Ask her to keep an eye on your house for you. She’s bound to be thrilled and will likely report back to you every soul that even glances in the direction of your house.
  9. Daily activity. Just asking your trusted neighbors to take walks through your yard, or shoot some hoops in your driveway, can be enough to give the appearance that a home is occupied.
  10. Security reports. Just knowing that you have someone whom you can call and ask about your home, or who will call you if there is anything out of the ordinary, can give you a great sense of security while you are away.

Good neighbors can be a great security system for your home. Unfortunately, not everyone has neighbors whom they know well, and can trust with the care of their home. That is the very reason, that many people choose to install a home security system, instead.

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