5 Ways to Get Into Your House Without Keys

Pretty much everyone has done this at some time or other during their life. They find themselves locked out of their house with no keys. Either they’ve locked the keys inside or have returned home without them, for some reason. If you have been wise enough to hide a spare key somewhere outside of the house, you have an easy solution, but what if you have not? How can you get in?

1. Credit Card. This trick has been used as long as we’ve had these thin little pieces of plastic. You slide the card in between the door and the jamb. With some wiggling around the door latch you should be able to slide the card in far enough to push the latch back and allow the door to open. This won’t work if the door has a deadbolt latch, only with a standard keyed door knob. It also can potentially destroy the plastic card so choose one that you don’t use very often if you can.

2. Unlocked windows. Crawling into the house through a window is another option. Double hung windows work best for this because they can usually be pushed up from the outside as well as from the inside, if they haven’t been locked down. ┬áBasement windows and garage windows are two other frequent entry routes. They are small and not everyone can fit through their openings. They also usually require dropping down several feet to a concrete floor after climbing through.

3. Garage keypad. If you don’t have an electronic keypad on the outside of your garage to open the overhead door, this might be a reason to get one. This way, all you need to get inside, is to know your access code. Of course, once inside the garage you still need to get into the house, which can be a problem in this door to the house is also locked from the inside. Keeping a spare key hidden in the garage would solve that problem.

4. Pet door. Yes, I realize that you cannot fit through the pet door opening, but you may be able to find something else that will. If you do come up with something that can reach up to the door latch, you may be able to unlock it.

5. Break a window. Windows are expensive, so you don’t want to do this, unless you are absolutely desperate. You also need to be careful not cut yourself while breaking the glass or crawling through the opening afterwards. Most windows these days are double pane glass. It can take quite a bit of force to break through both thicknesses.

If you have a secure house with deadbolts on the doors, entry can be quite difficult. The best solution is to have a key well hidden outside or to give one to a trusted neighbor to keep for you in case of emergency. Another option can be to call a locksmith from your cell phone or a neighbors house. It will cost you some money but probably less than replacing a broken window


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